Energy Efficiency

Saving energy starts at home! Your home. Every member uses electricity differently based on their lifestyle. The choice to use electricity more efficiently is yours to make.

The first step to saving is always investigating where you are spending your energy dollars now. NWEC has tools that can help!


North Western Electric offers three appliance programs to our members to encourage energy and cost savings.

Have you considered replacing an existing fossil fuel heating system?  Why not check out the most efficient and economical resource that is right in your back yard?

Geothermal & Air Source Heat Pumps

Are you replacing a refrigerator or stand-alone freezer? We offer a rebate for applicable Energy Star® appliances.

Home Energy Adventure

With winter bringing colder weather, electricity costs are increasing.
We know that saving energy means saving money, and having an energy efficient home does just that.
That’s why we released the Home Energy Adventure. 
Take the Home Energy Adventure tour below to learn about how you can save energy and money at home today!