Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Water Heaters

It is the joint interest of North Western Electric Cooperative (NWEC) and its electric members to reduce the demand for electricity and promote the use of high efficiency appliances. 

NWEC will offer a $250-$400 rebate to encourage energy efficiency for approved water heaters. 

To qualify for a water heater rebate, the member must agree to adhere to the terms of the Electric Water Heater Rebate Agreement and submit a Rebate Request Form.

Electric Water Heater Rebate Agreement and Request Form

Contact the office for more information:




Water heater rebate brochure

Digital Thermostat Water Heaters:

Important Information for Water Heater Radio Control Switch (RCS) Program Participants

North Western Electric Cooperative’s current RCS Program offers rebates and monthly bill credits to those members who allow a RCS to be installed in their homes. We want all our members to be aware that due to advances in water heater technology, some changes to our program are necessary.

If you are participating in our RCS program and you are not planning to replace your water heater, then you will not see any changes. If, however, you need to replace your current water heater then these changes may affect your participation in our program.

Water heater manufacturers are producing units that are more energy efficient. The newest water heater technology incorporates digital controls which allow the homeowner to program the run time and temperature of the water heater units based on their individual needs. Unfortunately, your Cooperative has become aware of a potential conflict when these digital control type water heaters are connected in conjunction with our RCS.

If you will be installing a water heater with digital controls the RCS must be removed prior to the water heater being energized. Contact our office at (419) 636-5051 to schedule an appointment for the free removal of your RCS.

For more information and photographs:

RCS Digital Control Details

Warranty Claims:

If your water heater is leaking and it is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty, please click on the link below to view claim details.

Leaky Tank Claim Information

Water Heater Problems:

If you have lukewarm water or no hot water, please click on the link below for general water heater trouble shooting.

Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide