Residential Energy Audits

Residential Energy Audits

North Western Electric offers its residential and small commercial members free energy audits. Upon request, a representative of North Western Electric will visit your home or business for a site inspection of energy usage and the building.


Among the tools our energy auditor will use are:

  • Measurement for heat loss/heat gain calculation
  • Computer analysis of heating and cooling system requirements
  • Blower door testing for building air infiltration and heating/cooling duct leakage
  • Analysis of general electrical usage
  • Energy use measurement for particular appliances
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Visual inspection


After the inspection we will advise you on ways to save energy and reduce your monthly electric bill.

To request an energy audit, simply complete the Energy Analysis Form and drop it off or mail it to our office. 

Our Energy Advisor will contact you once your form has been reviewed.

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