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Wind and solar have been the fastest growing renewable energy source over the past decade. With continually evolving technology, many are wondering if wind and solar power could be used as power in their own homes.

Before choosing a renewable energy source for your home or business, you should consider reducing your energy consumption by making your home or business more energy efficient. Reducing your energy consumption will significantly lower your utility bills and reduce the size of the home-based renewable energy system you need.  If you would like help with this, contact our office to set up a FREE home energy audit.

Renewable energy systems involve a significant initial investment. The length of the payback period depends greatly on the systems that you choose and the resources that you have available to you on your site. There are a number of important questions that should be considered before installing a system on your property dealing with the location, cost of the unit and the interconnection of the equipment to the grid.

More information can be obtained about renewable energy systems contact the cooperative by calling 419-636-5051, 1-800-647-6932, by e-mail (link is external), or by visiting the helpful links below.

Solar Power

Curious if solar is right for you? To find video resources, advice, rules, standards, and other helpful videos, visit our Solar 101 website HERE.

To run calculations to get a rough estimate of the amount of electricity you could produce with solar at your location, try these websites:

PV Watts Calculator (link is external)

Wind Power

Want to know whether a wind turbine might be right for you? Check out our Small Wind Guide for helpful information:

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