Remote Collars

Remote Collars

*Important notice for members with remote disconnect collars.*

Some locations have a remote disconnect collar.  This collar means the power is disconnected in the office, instead of having a lineman visit your residence.  If those accounts with a remote disconnect collar are disconnected for non-payment, the following fees and guidelines will take place:

Disconnection/Limiting Service:Disconnect meter pointing out the reset button

  1. There will be an $80 disconnect fee charged to your account.

  2. There is no additional charge for reconnection during office hours.

  3. If reconnected outside of office hours, a reconnect charge will apply. 

    • $70   - After hours Reconnect

    • $100 - Sunday/Holiday Reconnect

  4. All balances and fees must be paid before reconnection.


Once you have settled your account with a payment, or made the proper arrangements you will be instructed to reset your meter.  There is a black button located underneth the meterbase.  You will need to push that and then your power will be restored to full power.