Peak Alerts predicted all week through Friday, July 10

Peak Alerts predicted all week through Friday, July 10


We need YOUR help conserving energy this week! 

Today (July 8), a Peak Alert is in effect from around 2-6 pm due to extreme temperatures with very high electric demand. Load control may start a bit earlier or last a bit longer, depending on the weather. The same is predicted every day this week through Friday, July 10. 

**We know this terrible humidity is tough to handle, but our rates are impacted by our member-owners' electric use during the top hottest days of the year, so we need YOUR help this week to keep costs down for everyone.

If possible, delay hot water use, washing clothes, oven cooking, etc. until AFTER 6 pm. (Or use these appliances BEFORE 2 pm.) Turn off unnecessary lights, and tap the A/C a notch. ANYTHING at all helps save money! 

*If you have a radio-controlled switch installed on your AC unit, it will be activated, so don't be alarmed if you see a red light on this week.

See the actual costs of running appliances during a peak alert, and learn more about how you can help conserve energy at

Thanks for your cooperation. Please stay tuned for updates each day.

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