Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

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Operation Round-Up is a program being adopted by electric cooperatives across the nation to help build stronger communities and make them better places to live. Customer electric bills are “rounded up” to the next dollar, averaging about 50 cents per customer per month. Dollars accumulated by Operation Round-Up are forwarded to North Western Electric Trust and put to work helping organizations/agencies and families/individuals primarily in Williams and Defiance Counties.

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Every cent collected by Operation Round-Up is placed in a special trust fund to be used only for helping people or groups with specific needs. The use of the funds will be at the sole discretion of the North Western Electric Trust board of directors. The board consists of seven North Western Electric Cooperative members. They will meet at least three times a year to review and approve applications for assistance based on demonstrated needs and funds available.

The North Western Electric Trust is a separate organization formed to oversee the accumulation and disbursement of these funds. North Western Electric Cooperative pays administration as well as all expenses for North Western Electric Trust. This assures that all money collected by Operation Round-Up is used for charitable projects. Operation Round-Up is a 501(c)(3) organization.

For more information or an application form, please email us with your name and address or phone our office. Application forms are also available below.

Application deadline for the next review is October 16, 2020.

Operation Round-Up Organization/Agency Application

Operation Round-Up Individual and/or Family Application