Limiter Service

Limiter Service

Instead of COMPLETELY disconnecting a members service in the winter, NWEC will curtail a member's electric consumption by intalling a device that limits the amount of electrical power used at one time.  This action is taken if the energy bill is past due, and there are no arrangements made for payment or a previous payment arrangement wasn't kept.  When satisfactory arrangements for payment of the bill are made, the service will be restored to full capacity.  If no payment or arrangement has been made within 20 days after the limiter install date, the account will be fully disconnected.

There is a $100 charge to have the limiter removed after normal working hours.

In order to maintain limited service, you must do the following:

  1. Remove all loads from your electrical system that will exceed a total of 1200 watts (10 amps) or 3600 watts (30amps), depending on the size of limiter that has been installed.  This can be done by:
    • Physically disconnecting those appliances/devices
    • Turning off breakers or removing fuses in your service panel.
  2. If the load exceeds the rating of the limiter, the device will operate and interrupt the electrical service.
  3. If you wish to restore your limited service capacity, you must do the following:
    • Reduce your electric load lower than 10 amps.
    • Go to your electric meter base, wait two minutes, pull down, then push up on the reset button on the bottom of the current limiter.*

*For members with remote disconnect collars, the procedure is the same except when resetting the limiter, you will only push on the button not pull down then push up.

Any tampering or damage to the service limiter or its seal is a criminal act and subject to prosecution under the Ohio Revised Code.

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