Kill-A-Watt Monitor

Kill-A-Watt Monitor

Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor

Understanding energy use is the first step to reducing it.

The Kill A Watt EZ is an electricity monitoring device designed to easily measure how much electricity is being used by your plug-in appliances at home and work.  Most home electronics - which now constitute up to a third of a home's energy use - continue to draw power even when they are "off".  Find out how much money you can save in your electricity bills by turning them off and being smarter in your home energy management.

North Western Electric is partnering with local libraries to offer the Kill A Watt EZ Loan Program to their patrons.  The program allows borrowers to check out the Kill A Watt EZ Monitor in the same way they would borrow a book or a DVD.  Stop by any of the following libraries to pick one up today.

•Williams County• 

Montpelier Public Library (link is external)- 216 East Main Street, Montpelier

Bryan Main Library  (link is external)- 107 East High Street, Bryan

Bryan West Annex (link is external) (Local History & Genealogy Center) - 102 North Main Street, Bryan

Edgerton Branch (link is external) - 319 North Michigan Avenue, Edgerton

Edon Branch (link is external) - 105 South Michigan Street, Edon

Pioneer Branch (link is external) - 106 Baubice Street, Pioneer

Stryker Branch (link is external) - 304 South Defiance Street, Stryker

West Unity Branch (link is external) - 109 South High Street, West Unity


•Defiance County•

Defiance Main - 320 Fort Street, Defiance

Johnson Memorial Branch (link is external) - 116 West High Street, Hicksville

Sherwood Branch (link is external) - 117 North Harrison Street, Sherwood

North Western Electric members can also borrow Kill A Watt EZ Monitors from North Western Electric's office.  Stop by for more information.

Have you already borrowed a monitor and need a handy chart to record your findings?  Click on the link for a printable chart: Kill A Watt Calculations


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