The winners for the contest ending on July 15th will be announced soon. If you missed the chance to enter that round, you can enter NOW for a chance to be one of our next set of winners.  Parents, we know your students are still doing grade "A" work out there, so tell us about it and you could win a prize also!!!

For many years now, the Give Us An "A" program has provided an incentive for children of cooperative member-owners to earn better grades in school. This year, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, school has taken on a different look, with students having to complete assignments remotely. As a result of this, some students may not be receiving their normal report cards or the same type of grades as they have in the past. Also, in order to conform to the "stay-at-home" directive by the governor it meant that some parents have had to assist their children more than ever before with academics, emotional support and relief from boredom!

So, we have given our Give Us An "A" program a little "twist" which will allow students to still have a chance at being rewarded for their unprecedented efforts and adds a reward for the parents/guardians too.

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete the form below. To qualify, the student must be:

    1. the child or legal ward of an NWEC member-owner and;

    2. must permanently reside in a home serviced by NWEC and;

    3. at least 5 years old (enrolled in kindergarten) and no older than 21 years old (enrolled in college or technical school). Students can also be homeschooled.

  2. THE TWIST: Getting an "A" is about putting forth your best effort on something and completing it until the end so tell us in 50 words or less why your student deserves an "A"!

    1. It can be a school-related situation such as completing all their required work on time, doing a particular assignment with no errors, etc. or it can be a non-school-related situation such as a kind act towards a sibling, learning a new task/hobby or something similar. As long as you feel your student put forth their best effort and completed the task, it will qualify.

    2. You can even attach a photo of your student working on their task or of the finished project. We would love to see them!

  3. Submit your entry by noon on October 15, 2020.

Four students will be chosen to receive a $25 check plus the winning parents will also receive a special prize. The winning entries will be featured in a future issue of the Ohio Cooperative Living magazine, on our Facebook page and on this website.

So, come on parents, let's give your student an "A"!


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