Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy starts at home! Your home. Every member uses electricity differently based on their lifestyle. The choice to use electricity more efficiently is yours to make.

The first step to saving is always investigating where you are spending your energy dollars now. NWEC has tools that can help!

Kill-A-Watt monitor

  • Kill A Watt Monitors are available for loan from our office and all the public libraries in Williams and Defiance counties. This device records the usage and cost of individual appliances in your home. It may be time to upgrade an old appliance or unplug it when it is not in use.


  • Want to perform your own energy audit? Try the Home Energy Suite tool. This interactive software will create a report based on the information that you input about your home and your lifestyle.

Girl loading the dishwasher

  • Have you ever wondered how much electricity your home appliances use? Our Appliance Operating Cost Estimator will give you the approximate figures. Use this form to calculate your total home equipment cost.

Ready to make some changes? Below are two booklets filled with great ideas to get you started.

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

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