Cooperative Response Center (CRC)

Cooperative Response Center (CRC)

CRC is an after-hours contact center with offices in three locations: Austin, Minnesota; Dunlap, Tennessee and Abilene, TX.  CRC handles all of North Western Electric's after-hours and daytime overflow calls from the members.  When a member reaches CRC they will hear the following message.

"Thank you for calling North Western Electric Cooperative.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm"

If the caller's phone number does not register on the caller I.D., they will be asked to enter the ten digit phone number associated with the account location without power.  They will then be asked to select an option:

#1 - To report an outage

#2 - All other non-outage related calls

If there is an extreme amount of severe weather in the area and hold times are long, the member may be asked to report the outage by leaving a message with the automated system.  The choice will be given to use the automated system or hold for a customer service representative.

When CRC receives the member's information, they will forward it on to the appropriate NWEC associate or representative to handle the problem.  In most cases, CRC will directly dispatch the NWEC after-hours on-call crew.  During an outage, each call that is  received will assist in troubleshooting procedures to determine the extent of the outage. The number one priority is to restore the power safely.