Community Solar

Community Solar

Did you know you are receiving a portion of your energy from solar? North Western Electric Cooperative and Buckeye Power are helping co-op members throughout the state take advantage of locally produced renewable energy - without the personal hassle and costs.

In 2018 through a community solar program call OurSolar, Buckeye Power - Ohio’s generation and transmission cooperative - build new solar panel arrays at several co-op locations throughout Ohio, bringing more emission-free energy to Ohio’s electric cooperatives. North Western Electric Cooperative is one of the sites with a 50-kilowatt array installed at our office.

How much does it cost? For the average member, only 35 cents per year.

OurSolar reflects North Western Electric and Buckeye Power’s balanced approach to electricity generation. While most of the power supplied to North Western Electric Cooperative is still produced by coal-fired generation that is among the cleanest of its kind in the world, OurSolar gives cooperative members the option to supplement that baseload power - that is, electricity production that is highly reliable and always available - with locally produced green energy. We know it matters to our members, and we are here for you.

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