Commercial & Industrial Custom Lighting Program

Commercial & Industrial Custom Lighting Program


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It is in the joint interest of North Western Electric Cooperative (NWEC) and its electric members to reduce the demand for electricity and promote the value of replacing inefficient lighting. The Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Custom Lighting Program is designed to aid commercial electric members of NWEC by increasing the efficiency of your lighting systems, as well as the efficiency of NWEC’s electric distribution operation.

The C&I Custom Lighting Program provides a rebate and encourages business-members to upgrade inefficient lighting and lower your overall costs while permitting NWEC to make more efficient use of its electric facilities. The rebate is based upon the number of watts reduced when replacing old lighting with energy efficient lighting. In order to qualify for the rebate, the business member must agree to adhere to specific program requirements. One of the member’s requirements is to contact NWEC for pre-approval prior to installation. Click on the agreement and application links below for more information.

C&I Custom Lighting Program Agreement

C&I Custom Lighting Rebate Application