Board Of Trustees

Board Of Trustees

North Western Electric is a democratic organization with a board of trustees.  The board has seven trustees, each representing a different district in our service area.  The trustees are members of the cooperative who are elected by their fellow members.  Their duty is setting policies and making decisions for the continuation of the cooperative and as an elected representative that are accountable to the membership.  Trustees serve three-year terms and are elected at the annual meeting held in April.

Are you interested in running for the Board in 2020? Visit the Trustee Election page and learn about the process.


Andrew Farnham

Andy Farnham District 1


District 1

  • Northwest Township
  • Florence Township
  • St. Joseph Township


Chris Oberlin

Chris Oberlin District 4

District 4

  • Jefferson Township
  • Brady Township
  • Center Township
  • Pulaski Township


Richard Polter

Richard Polter District 7

District 7

  • Washington Township
  • Delaware Township
  • Noble Township

Mitchel Headley

Mitch Headley District 2

OREC Board of Directors Representative

District 2

  • Milford Township
  • Hicksville Township
  • Carryall Township


Ryan Wehri

Ryan Wehri District 5

District 5

  • Farmer Township
  • Mark Township
  • Crane Township



District Map


Kim Shoup

Kim Shoup District 3


District 3

  • Bridgewater Township
  • Madison Township
  • Superior Township


Jordan Ruffer

Jordan Ruffer District 6


District 6

  • Springfield Township
  • Ridgeville Township
  • Tiffin Township
  • Adams Township